Monday, January 18, 2010

.another day....another dollar.

So I am obviously not doing very well with keeping this blog rolling. Its a little difficult when you know there is no one out there listening. But alternatively, it shouldn't matter. I opened this blogger account to learn about myself - to be able to measure my own personal growth.

Lately things seem so crazy - out of control actually! Time is flying by and I do not have enough time in the day to achieve everything I want to. Its driving me bizerk! It seems that all I do is wake up - spend some time with Johnny in the AM, go to work, either rush home or rush to the grocery store, rush to the gym, rush home to make dinner, relax for a few minutes.... sleep, repeat. Ugh. When will things slow down? I know this is a common theme that everyone goes through, but it doesn't make it any more fun! Haha. Oh and somewhere in there I have to try and plan this wedding!

Its exciting because we found our photographer and I am very excited about that! They are awesome - and I have known Moch since we were probably 13? Awesome. :) Now just to get the Save the Dates out - and getting Johnny to get addresses from people. LOL. That part is the biggest challenge! ...

On another note, I am so excited for tomorrow! I am taking a photography class - finally! I have had my Canon Rebel Xti since January 2008 when I studied abroad in England and France. Unfortunately I didn't give myself enough time to learn how to use the camera before I left and since I've been home, I haven't made the time. So here we are, two years later in January 2010 and I am finally going to learn how to use it! Woo hoo! Johnny's friend's wife works for a church in the area and they offer music and arts classes - so its nice because the money from the class goes toward the church - on the flip side, it makes the class extremely affordable! So I will have class Tuesday ad Thursday from 7p-9p and Saturday from 9a-12p. Can't wait!! :)

Well I suppose I should get off my rear and get ready for work - yet another busy day ahead of me. And I don't get MLK day off. Sigh.

31 days and counting until vacation. It can't come soon enough! :)

xoxo, sc

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