Friday, January 29, 2010

.b f f.

yes, you read my title right - bff! haha. this blog is about my best friend kindle. we have been best friends since the day we met in 7th grade - which doesn't sound that impressive, but as we get older i'm certain it will. when we were 19, she decided to move to texas, get married and have a baby - it was a big year for her. lol. anyway, i hardly see her, maybe once or twice a year. and she is currently visiting washington (home) for a few weeks. i got to see her this week, tuesday and again on wednesday... and man, i sure miss her already. i just wanted to share a few pics of her and her adorable baby girl, kylee who is almost three. time seriously flies! i remember holding her when she was only hours old. gah!

stefanie and kindle

so cute! kylee and mama!

Mariss and Stef :)

the other cool thing about tuesday was that we did a big ladies dinner - and my two best friends marissa and kindle got to meet each other :) mariss is my maid of honor in my wedding, so i only thought it appropriate that she should meet the other bestie. lol.

me, amber and rach!

awwwh fun times.


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