Thursday, June 24, 2010

.87 days and counting.

well first off it is finally sunny here in good old washington... after 273 days of temperatures under 74 degres it is well welcomed! we have had more rain this "summer" then i can ever remember, and i sure hope the sun decides to stick around for a while... us washintonians are starting to get a wee bit depressed i think! :) i mean, cloudy, cold weather on the first day of summer is pretty depressing, isn't it?

on another note - i am getting so anxious for our wedding... according to my handy dandy facebook countdown, we have 87 days to go! woo hoo! everything is starting to feel so real, especially when i got my adorable garter in the mail!

how adorable is that?! its so simple and classy with the simple white, but then it has my something blue and a cute little gemstone. it was exactly what i was looking for after searching forever! i loove all the garters this gal has she is so talented. i got it from hellodesigncrew on etsy! love! ♥

anyway, just wanted to jot down a quick blog and brag about the sun as i sit here basking in its glory!! ahh... so refreshing to have a break from the rain and wearing a coat! yippee!

happy thursday people.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

.part deux: the road to delicious: pizza!.

mmmm! my pizza experiment was a partial success! it would have been a complete success if it were for a few extraneous factors. 1) i had parchment paper, or better yet, a pizza peel... 2) i had more time... 3) my pizza crust wasn't so thick. lol.

sooo here's how it came down... i got home after running wedding errands and pulled out the pizza dough which i had prepared earlier in the day. this way it would get optimal time to warm up (or so i thought). after pulling it out, i did random things around the house, and then decided to start the pizza sauce... after that i cooked the sausage... then i thought i should try to form the dough - but it was still cold! it had been out for over 30 minutes! so, long story short, i did the best i could but the dough was less then cooperative and ended up being suuuuper thick! which actually isn't a problem - it just became a deep dish! haha. then came the issue of transporting to the pizza stone - that was a debacle! i am quickly going to run out and get parchment paper to have on hand for the future. or maybe someone will be generous and buy me a pizza peel for my wedding gift! :D

anyway - the pizza was a success, although it had to bake a little longer to cook the center since the dough was formed so thick (oops!). but it was yummy! the dough was crisp on the bottom and the crust - but the best part? no grease! take that pizza hut! yuuum.

now for the best part! pictures!

sooo yummy - especially with extra pizza sauce to dip the yummy thick crust!!

i try (for the most part) to eat balanced meals, so we of course had to have a veggie! staying with the theme - i made us an italian chop chop salad! what better way to use some of the left over salami (yum!)?

it was the perfect accompaniment!

until my next food adventure...


Friday, June 18, 2010

.the road to delicious: pizza!.

i got this wild hair to make homemade pizza. i have never attempted it except for when i was a child... my mom would make the dough from scratch, let it rise, roll it out and let us do the toppings! it was so fun. so i decided to start the process early this morning; evidently from what i read, you can pre-make the dough and place in the refrigerator and bring it out later in the day. this is preferable for a working person such as myself - plus my fiance is working seven, twelve hour shifts and by the time he gets home, he wants to relax, eat and sleep! and i don't blame him! so i'm hoping to get this pizza in the oven and cooled by the time he gets home.

5 am
step 1: pizza dough

so this is the dough... its rising right now, but hopefully this project will all turn out - otherwise looks like its store bought crust or papa murphys for din tonight! haha.

so i will post updates on this process later tonight or tomorrow... wish me luck! i'm a homemade pizza n00b!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

.epitome of girliness.

saturday was an epitome of girliness for my bestie and i... we were initially supposed to go camping but because of various reasons it fell through. so whats the next best thing to do on a day off? girly stuff of course! ha ha. we had an awesome lunch - yummy wine and drinks - watched movies - did our toenails and my personal favorite - baked! :) it was a fun filled day!

the day made me decide that we need to do themed lunches/dinners from now on also! marissa wanted to make this yummy strawberry spinach salad recipe she has, so that was already on the lunch menu.

then i stumbled across a homemade strawberry wine cooler! what a fun idea! and boy oh boy it was amazing... refreshing and different. i was immediately in love. it was either that or a combination of wine, pedicures and 80's movies? ;)

then i followed everything up with a recipe i was dying to try - coconut cupcakes with a delicious coconut butter cream frosting! mmmmmm! of course, the consistency of the frosting wasn't up to par for me and my frosting skills were a bit off - but that's what happens when two of you finish off 2 bottles of wine. especially when you're about 5'! ha ha.

anyhow, hope you've enjoyed the food/drink/dessert pictures. of course, i could post recipes, but i'm not sure anyone ever reads this. sigh. if you want recipes let me know! more then happy to share.

ciao! sc