Monday, December 21, 2009

.christmas cookies - round #1.

one thing about me - i love to bake. there is something special about it, the ability to create something is remarkable. likewise, i thoroughly enjoy watching people enjoy my creations! yum!

i made my first official batch of christmas cookies sunday. my fiance loves sugar cookies, so i make them frequently. i have been trying new recipes and haven't settled on one particular one being "the one". athough this recipe is a close first! they were soft and yummy. and i had a blast decorating them.

i think my helper did too! he's such an amazing guy - he even helps decorate! ;)

i was in the full christmas spirit last night, not only did i bake while watching christmas movies, i wrapped most of our presents. even though they won't be there long, i couldn't resist putting them under the tree!

i love this time of the year, and now that i'm getting married its so fun to start our own traditions. there are certain things that changed for me after my parents divorced, certain traditions that i miss terribly. so i'm taking charge and making them happen! i love christmas time, i can't believe its almost here. its gone so fast! i better get that last minute shopping done! oops!


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