Thursday, January 21, 2010

.slightly irritated.


i'm getting slightly irritated. i'm finally starting to get the concepts of photography that i was letting myself get confused about. essentially, i was making things much more difficult then they needed to be. however (the reason i'm irritated) i canno seem to take a steady picture! wtf!? is this what the reality of my photography is going to be?? why, why, why.

ok... enough whining. but really, i can't believe i have such an unsteady hand. maybe i'm not cut out for a hobby in photography?

...i have my second class tonight, and then we're doing a photoshoot on saturday - that should be fun. maybe the instructor can give me some pointers on how to stabilize my shooting.

sorry for the boring blog, its kind of all thats on my mind at the moment. well that and the fact that i need to finish my save the dates, but in order to do that i need my fiance to come with me to purchase supplies! lol.

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