Tuesday, January 19, 2010

.the countdown!.

When we (Johnny and I) first started dating, we decided that being the Washingtonians that we are - by about mid February to mid March, we are absolutely, 100% tired of the cold, wet and drab weather around here. So last year we took a little trip to warm, lovely Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was such an amazing, all inclusive resort. Sigh. How I miss it! After that trip, we decided that every year around that time we simply need a vacation. After all, once you have children, it’s not so easy to just take off and fly around the country.

This year we got so blessed. Our friend Joe's birthday is in February. He's originally from Oahu, and for his birthday wants to go back. And the loving, amazing people that they are - invited us!! They have a house on the island that we can also stay in... we only had to pay for airfare. And of course, we got a great deal... round-trip, non-stop tickets for about $300ish a piece! Can't beat that! So we are going to Oahu! I have never been to Hawaii, so I am stoked beyond belief. Also, my aunt and cousins live on the big island, so we bought tickets to go over there for a full day. We are so blessed!

Wooo! The countdown is officially down to 30 days! February 19 can't come soon enough! Woo hooo!

On another note, I am so excited for this evening... my first photography class begins at 7p! Can't wait! I hope I learn a lot and can take some amazing photos in Hawaii...

Sigh. Well, I guess its that time - time to get ready for work... Hawaii you can't come soon enough!

…Reminiscing… I miss you Mexico!!

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