Thursday, July 1, 2010

.snicker doodles.

so my last baking endeavor was a yummy batch of snicker doodles. i found the recipe off of my favorite food blog... her recipe choices hardly, if ever, let me down! i stumbled across a delicious recipe for snicker doodles one day on her site. it made me realize that i have been neglecting such a delicious cookie! i hadn't had homemade snicker doodles in, many, many years. so i decided to make them sunday night and all the while kept reminiscing of my childhood! awh. :)

anyway - they turned out delicious after a few tweaks to my baking times, since my oven of course has to bake differently then every recipe states. go figure! haha. anyway, they are truly delicious - you should go try them out for yourselves! yuuumy!

well - happy thursday everyone! in our case here in the great pacific nw, its a rainy one. sigh.... nonetheless - tomorrow is friday, and a three day weekend at that! time to celebrate. woo hoo!


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