Wednesday, July 28, 2010

.blueberry cinnamon rolls.

my love of baked goods and sugar entirely contradicts my fitness and health goals... its pretty funny! i am a sugar and junk food junky but at the same time love to stay fit, run and work on toning my muscles... but just as much as that, possibly even more, i love, love, love to bake! (i'm sure you have noticed if you've viewed any of my blog posts)

a few weekends ago i was inspired to make blueberry cinnamon rolls by another food blog. i've been wanting to try to make regular cinnamon rolls, but it always seemed like i never had quite enough time for all of the rising steps. when stumbling across a very delicious post for blueberry cinnamon rolls, i knew i would just need to make time! however, i didn't love everything about the post so i ended up making my own... it was a combination of three recipes - one for dough, one for filling and one for a cream cheese icing/frosting.

i was pleasantly surprised with how easy the process was! it definitely was time consuming but it was a day when i had pretty much nothing but time! all in all i was suuper pleased with the outcome... they were soo yummy! next time i think i woud add a little more cinnamon filling because i love the cinnamon flavor so much!

yum. i'm dreaming about these delicious cinnamon rolls right now! i seriously wish these had lasted longer then they did... but i guess its a good sign that they literally disappeared!

but then again, how can you go wrong with cinnamon rolls, blueberries and cream cheese icing? ;-)

happy wednesday everyone!



  1. Oh, my favorite! Those look divine!

    Mary xo
    Delightful Bitefuls

  2. Thank you Mary! They were so fun to make.. sadly blueberries are out of season. :( Thanks for the comment!