Sunday, October 24, 2010

.spiced pumpkin cupcakes & my kitchenaid!.

if you've visited my blog before, i don't think its a surprise that i thoroughly enjoy baking. after our wedding and all the bridal showers were done and over, i think we practically had a new kitchen! luckily my hubby shares the same desire for good food and cooking - although he usually leaves the baking to me... ;-)

well as if we didn't feel blessed enough - we came home friday night to a big box on our door step (one of the many benefits to living in a secure condo building). as soon as i looked at the box i knew what it was - the kitchen aid stand up mixer we registered for! my sweeter than sweet aunt purchased us a very generous wedding gift. so naturally i couldn't wait to use it... i mean, look at how beautiful it is!

yes - if you look close enough you can see i'm signing 'i love you' to my dear aunt! :)

now - on to the delicious spiced pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese (om nom nom) frosting... i found the recipe at my favorite food blog - i'm used to pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, etc. i fell in love with the idea of pumpkin cupcakes. especially since i had pre-purchased cute october themed cupcake liners! lol. these cupcakes are soo moist on behalf of the pumpkin - definitely give these a shot! check 'em out!

and one more picture for good measure...

check out the recipe:


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