Friday, September 3, 2010

.brown sugar bundt cake.

for my bridal shower i got a ton of fun baking stuff! this whole time i haven't had a cooling rack and i got one finally! i also got a bundt cake pan (johnny loves bundt cakes) and an awesome cake dome! (plus some other amazing stuff!) so of course i so couldn't wait to use all of these goodies!

johnny loves cakes that are subtle, so i decided on this brown sugar bundt cake. but it called for a caramel drizzle over top which makes it more 'dessert' like and not so good for a coffee cake in the morning. so i ommitted the drizzle and decided to dust the pan with cinnamon and sugar. it turned out delicious! the cake was absolutely delicious! just sweet enough but not over powering.


i also attempted to photograph the cake in the cake dome but it didn't really work that well. the lighting in our condo is a toughy. we have really strange overhead lighting and large 'picture' windows. there really isn't a happy medium between natural and man made lighting for photography. when our windows are open it lets too much light in and our overhead lights cast a yellow tinge. i'm still experimenting with how to make the lighting work! nonetheless, here is the cake dome photo, mostly because i'm so excited that i have a cake dome! lol!

happy friday ya'll!


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